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  in the light of 
Life – a river that always stays on the move and always challenges us to grow beyond ourselves between joy and suffering, happiness and difficulties. How do you grow old happily and never lose the pleasure and joy of life? A pair of books with impressive photographs of
Thomas Wagner and texts by Kristina Patzak about the life wisdom of strong men and beautiful women from the mid-50s to over 100.

DESIGN | jasmin gronbach 
PHOTOS | miketraffic photography

WOMEN | ISBN 978-3-9817022-1-7 EDITION 2
EXHIBITION | anna-haag multigenerational house | incontro | concept l | manufactury schorndorf
PRESS| design made in germany | newspaper cannstatt | 

MEN | ISBN 978-3-9817022-2-4
EXHIBITION | stuttgart city hall | 
anna-haag multigenerational house
PRESS | newspaper cannstatt | 
anna-haag multigenerational house

A face 
must be able to tell 
I am 
beautiful for 
PHOTOS OF PRINTS | jasmin gronbach
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