An own label of design stationery work in progress – developed from the passion for design, illustration and creative individualism. What Pastor Manus design products make special an individual, are own illustrations and unique handmade screenprint, linocut or other experimental print creations with neon, pastel or DIY colors on a haptic paper – from own paper creations to wood veneer paper. Every artwork is absolutely unique and a manufacturing genuine original.

Pastor Manu is an ambassador and a part of an international art mission »I AM«, which is work in progress at the moment. »I AM« aims to talk critical and loud about the contemporary socio-culture of the world from unexpected perspectives in a creative visual way of language and spread impulses of peace, love and freedom. The joy of discovering every day all the special and good things in the beauty of the detail is not only a part of the mission but also reflects the philosophy of the design stationery »PATER MANU – Papeterie Manufaktur« in the theme bounded creating of the unique conceptual artworks an in the celebration of manufacturing print workflow.

Sounds exciting? Great, then the first impulse is already in motion, which can bring the project with the final concept to life, end of the third quarter of 2019. In the end of 2018 some test prints saw the light of the world at WOUAHOU-Festival in Stuttgart.

WORK IN PROGRESS |concept coming soon |
REGISTRATION | trademarks and patent office germany | register number 302017227644 
CONTACT | Jasmin Gronbach | | instagram

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