SAY HELLO TO  jasmin gronbach  |  b. a. visual communication
  the box
My area of expertise is visual communication. My wealth of ideas, the gift of lateral thinking, a strong sense of creativity and the motivation to see content in the entire context and to translate it into the visual language conceptually is my foundation for individual ideas, concepts, and visualizations "OUTSIDE THE BOX". With passion, I pursue the intention to use my talents sensibly and take on every challenge on scientific, society or social topics – from print to scenography, with pleasure.

WHAT I DO graphic design | text | exhibition |
illustration | photography | concept

As a volunteer with an active commitment and passion, I have been living and nurturing the desire to contribute to a better world in the social arts initiative ARTHELPS – a non-profit organisation GmbH since 2017. A courageous motor that sets new impulses in every project and in every workshop and shows that the power of love and community works and can move mountains.

WORKSHOP AT ARTHELPS  | photo: Josua Graf